Sir Anthony Hopkins has enjoyed a film career spanning six decades.

For most people, however, Sir Anthony Hopkins is a twisted, creepy cannibal, plagued by a nasty stutter. For that role, in The Silence of the Lambs, Hopkins won an Oscar for Best Actor.

The man I met, now 78 years old, did not at any time display an appetite for human flesh.

Sir Anthony Hopkins is probably not a cannibal. He clearly does not have a stutter. And his main place of residence is assuredly not a high-security prison.

Yet, as I found out to my horror, whilst the Welsh veteran is not incarcerated in a physical sense, on an emotional level-- and in a civic sense-- he is imprisoned.

Freedom of speech is a right which most of us in the Western world take for granted. It is such a staple of any proper democracy that it is hard to imagine life without it.

For Sir Anthony Hopkins, the nightmare is a reality.

Away from the tyranny of the Press Officer, who checks his every word, Sir Anthony proudly admitted, “I get back to Wales once a year. It is wonderful to be back.”

For a rare moment, Hopkins was alive. Free again. We had to make the most of this opportunity.

“Do you have any thoughts on Brexit?” I asked.

BOOM. My path was blocked. Sir Anthony was gone, steered away by his entourage. His destiny? No-one can say.

Certainly not Sir Anthony himself. He can’t say anything.

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