As with most publications, articles are very much at the centre of what we do here at Uuh! Magazine. The word 'articles' however, is rather a vague and unspecific one, so to be more specific - this section will cover all articles that are not written by our columnists and do not appear in our "Features" section. Their subject matter will therefore be rather eclectic, covering a whole variety of different topics and often being investigative or editorial in their nature .


The Even Curiouser Case of Hasebe Kucuk

Uuh! Magazine's editors once more find themselves on the receiving end of a cryptic private message.

Rain and (Potential) Financial Gain at the Borders Book Festival

Chief Investigative reporter Andrew McQuarrie aims to get to the bottom of what the Borders Book Festival is all about.

Shinty Match Report: Edinburgh Uni vs Glasgow Uni
A shinty novice reports back on his first experience of the sport - as a witness to a game between two prestigious universities.

The Most Eligible Mr Man 

To anyone who has ever wondered which of Roger Hargreaves Mr Men characters had the most success with the ladies, this article is for you.

Hogmanay With Bryan Adams
A reporter narrowly avoids a crisis thanks to intervention from a 1980's 'Rockstar

(A Very Short) Interview With Sir Anthony Hopkins

An attempt to probe deep into the psyche of an acting great is cut short by an overprotective Press Officer.

The Curious Case of Bellien Kevin
For the first time since Uuh! Magazine's foundation, the editors find themselves in a potentially perilous situation.

Brexit: The Uuh! Magazine Perspective

With the EU referendum fast approaching, it seemed essential that Uuh! Magazine covered the debate in one way or another.

The Super Rich At Xmas

A look into what the Lords and Ladies of Scotland get up to over the festive period

A Contrast Between Glasgow and London: From and For a Fox’s Perspective.

Our first article from an overseas contributer, this piece compares two great cities - from the perspective of a fox.