One of the things of which we are most proud at Uuh! Magazine is the vast number of columnists we have managed to acquire, coming as they do from all manners of different walks of life. On this page you can  access all of their columns.

Billiards Bet Review with WAYNE BILLIARD

Uuh! Magazine's financial saviour Wayne Billiard gives some tips for where to put your money - be it on sporting or miscellaneous events.

Abstract and Avant-Garde Artistes with JÖHN JEFFERS

This column will be of interest to anyone who takes a liking to bizarre

and surreal music acts. Jöhn Jeffers is chief amongst those people.

Exposing Everyday Evil with EDNA WOTHERSPOON

If you have always thought there was something wrong with the 

world but have never quite been able to put your finger on what, Edna is here to help you out.

Walking Out The Movies with XAVIER O'HARA

A novel approach to reviewing films - both old and new - is taken in this column by our very unique film critic.

Terrence's Tips and Granley's Gripes with TERRENCE GRANLEY

No magazine is complete without a good old-fashioned agony Aunt. Sadly, no Aunt's were available when we advertised, and so Uuh! Magazine has had to make do with an agony Uncle instead.

It's Never Too Late To Be a Mild Success with GARY MAYHEW

A sports column with a difference - Gary Mayhew hopes to inspire and awe his readers with regular insights into his football career and private life alike.

Horoscopes with MYSTIC SHONA

Does this really need a description? You all know what horoscopes are, I'm sure.

Odds and Ends and Bits and Pieces with MELANIE THE INTERN

Melanie's column covers a bit of everything - mainly the things that no one else wanted to do.

Clem de la Clem with KEVIN WRIGHT

Visiting some of the finest restaurants the country has to offer is Uuh! Magazine's very own food critic, Mr Kevin Wright.

Serialisation of a Masterpiece with URSULA D SANSBURY

A move from her more traditional genre of writing has seen best-seller Ursula J Sansbury struggle to clinch a book deal - instead her new masterpiece will be serialised in Uuh! Magazine. 

Jöhn Jeffers

Edna Wotherspoon

Xavier O'Hara