Abstract and Avant-Garde Artistes


Born John Jeffers, our music correspondent added an umlaut to his name in 1992, having frequently been told he sounded too dull for the indie scene. He has often toyed with the idea of adding a grave accent to the second 'e' in Jeffers but has so far resisted.

Following his recent dismissal from the band 'The Lingerie Breakfasts' - of which he was a founding member - Jöhn joins Uuh! Magazine as a broken man, so to help with the recovery process, each issue he will be sent to various locations across the country to review an assortment of abstract and avant-garde artistes.

Issue #1

THE IMMANUEL KUNTS - Jöhn takes a trip to Swansea to review an up and coming band in the region.


Jöhn Jeffers