Odds and Ends and Bits and Pieces


Melanie does not possess many skills which lend themselves to journalistic endeavours. Indeed her only previous work was at a magazine where her job was to write the contents of speech bubbles super-imposed over celebrities heads - things like

"Katie better not catch me eating these carbs!" and "Phwooooooar." As such her employment at Uuh Magazine is based on one trait and one trait alone: a willingness to do the jobs no one else wanted to do (and for relatively little pay into the bargain.)

The items in this column will therefore cover a wide range of topics, with one thing in common - they will all focus on issues which have been brought to the attention of the editors by angry letter writing campaigns. Melanie imagines her column will be responsible for the success of many a petition, and urges you to support all of the causes outlined.


Melanie the Intern


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Issue 1 

Down With Silly Hat Day - Melanie visits the staff of Networks Innovation Limited, who tell her about one of their office rituals.