A man has been invited on an exciting mystical quest just minutes after writing a Facebook status informing his friends that he was bored.

Gordon Williamson, 24, from Ipswich, had barely finished typing “so bored today :p” when his doorbell sounded and a gang of elves and fairies appeared at his door, offering him the chance to escape his boredom by joining them on an enthralling adventure.

“It’s such a relief for us when people use Facebook to tell the world that they’re bored,” said Sir Elfy McElf-Elf, the chief elf on the expedition “because that way we know exactly who to invite on our quests. Indeed, I would encourage all people who are bored to write such information on Facebook immediately, because otherwise we can only use guesswork.

“Normally in those circumstances we opt to invite people who have shared at least three BuzzFeed articles over a seven day period,” he added, “but it’s much easier for us when people just spell it out.”

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Man Invited On Mystical Quest After Writing “I’m Bored” Facebook Status

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