About: Uuh! Magazine

Following on from the wise words written by my co-editor, I would like to point out that “Uuh!” is still very much in its developmental stages.

To begin with, therefore, this magazine might be rather like marmite - in that some people will love it, some people will hate it, and a large portion of people will be entirely ambivalent to it, and be overcome with frustration when instructed to have a strong opinion one way or the other.

As our work progresses, however, we hope that it will become less like marmite and more like marmalade, or jam, or some other spreadable conserve that is loved by all. We envision a world in which all of our readers are grunting and laughing in unison, as they read articles, poems and short stories from editors and columnists alike. I am sure that vision is not too ambitious.



The name of this publication derives from the sound emitted by the editors when listening to 'grunt-worthy songs.' One of the best examples in that category is Tony Joe White's "Polk Salad Annie" , White himself being a brilliant exponent of the art. [Pay close attention to Tony at 0:04 of the adjacent clip for a prouounciation guide of the magazine's title.]

We hope that our readers will embrace the spirit of "Uuh!" magazine and find it to be a source of illumination and humour.




Editing Team: Andrew McQuarrie and Patrick Cremona

Artist and Illustrator: Claire Inglis

Writing Team: Andrew McQuarrie, Patrick Cremona, Claire Inglis, Alistair Buchanan, Ruairi Mackenzie, Simon Cremona

Edna Wotherspoon, Xavier O'Hara, Jöhn Jeffers, Ursula D Sansbury, Gary Mayhew and Terrence Granley written by Patrick Cremona

Kevin Wright and Wayne Billiard written by Alistair Buchanan.

Mystic Shona written by Ruairi MacKenzie

Melanie the Intern written by Claire Inglis