Serialisation of a Masterpiece


Throughout a glittering literary career, Ursula D Sansbury's Romantic Fiction novels have proven greatly successful with the masses. Alas, the critics have always held a slightly different view - labelling her works as "nothing more than formulaic, schmaltzy pieces of trash."

Following a recent round the world trip, Ursula has decided to prove the critics wrong by adding an element of edginess to her work - the result is a masterpiece of the Sci-Fi/Thriller/Horror/Erotica/Paranormal genre. Unfortunately all major publishers have passed on it (perhaps it is just too edgy) and so instead it will be serialised  at Uuh! Magazine. 

Chapter 1

In the opening chapter of Ursula's epic tale, we are introduced to Yannick Peterson - a city man who has been driven to the countryside  



Ursula D Sansbury